The Encore: Arts Fishing Club

June 5th, 2024 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25 

WLOY presents “The Encore,” where we spotlight our favorite bands that have visited the station. First up: Arts Fishing Club!

Arts Fishing Club, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, is a band with a story as interesting as their sound. The group formed through the meeting of Christopher Kessenich, Matt Siffert, Jimi Greene, Brian Kempson, and Peter Eddins. Each member brings their own musical journey and influences, creating a personalized blend of folk, alt-country, and indie rock. Their sound definitely resonates with their audience, building a 75,000 monthly listener count on Spotify. With their dynamic live performances, they have shared the stage with renowned artists like Langhorne Slim, Darlingside, and The Last Bison, cementing their place in the contemporary music scene.

On July 18, 2023, Christopher Kessenich, the lead singer and songwriter, along with Chancy, the lead guitarist, paid a visit to WLOY’s radio station. The duo filled our airwaves with a genuine performance, stripping down their sound to its most intimate form. Kessenich and Chancy played the band’s single “doug song” from their newest album, Rothko Sky. 

Arts Fishing Club released their latest album, “Rothko Sky” in June 2023, showcasing ten tracks that add new dimensions to their already rich discography. Each song invites listeners to a soothing experience, perfect for summer nights. Among the standout tracks is “#Tornadotext”,“Emery”, and “Arizona” continue to reflect the band’s authentic and heartfelt sound. To top it all off, they have recently released a new single, “Come and Dance,” which further highlights their dynamic range. Arts Fishing Club continues to make waves in the music industry, check out their upcoming tour dates here! 🙂

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