The Benedict Dollyrockers-The Benedict Dollyrockers

February 16th, 2016 by WLOY Staff

944952_726823567452280_7096047927889409060_nThe Benedict Dollyrockers-The Benedict Dollyrockers

Released: November 3, 2015

Rate: 4/10

The Benedict DollyRockers are a country/rock/jam band originally from Coldwater, Michigan, but currently reside in Kalamazoo. Though they call themselves a “jam band” they do not seem very “jam-band”like. It seems like they are perpetually sad, and honestly I wish they were a little more upbeat or enthusiastic. Lyrically they can come off whiny and uninspired, their vocalist has a whiny twang as well that can be very unappealing. Many of the songs on the album can sound pretty repetitive, and honestly can sound the same. Despite this, I do here vibes from the Red Hit Chilli Peppers; as well as that, it is evident from their guitar solos that they are talented instrumentally but they do not utilize their talent very well and its kind of a disappoint.

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  1. Hi Margaret, Thanks for listening to our album. The Benedict DollyRockers is a band who’s live show is uplifting and upbeat. We have existed for more than 25 years and previously never released our songs. We feel it makes sense for our first album to show our roots which come from a folk rock vein. Many of these songs were written 20 – 25 years ago. We are working on our second album now and it has some more current, upbeat and jammy songs. Some of the demos are published on reverberation or soundcloud if you’d like a glimpse into the next album. We are methodically telling a story about our band with the discography as well as the songs themselves.

    If you like, feel free to go back and listen again with a new perspective. We’re sorry you didn’t enjoy the album but there are some standout songs which are worth mentioning.

    The Benedict DollyRockers

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