Suis La Lune – Heir EP (2008)

March 1st, 2010 by Eric Loose

As much as it pains me to admit it, my music of choice lately, as a whole, has its restrictions. Based on chaotic energy, dynamic guitars, overwhelming emotions and the like, “screamo” tends to be a bit off-putting because of the sheer tenacity and overwhelming nature of the music. It’s a large generalization, of course, but it’s fairly accurate when judging the music known for its ravenous screams. Enter Suis La Lune’s Heir EP. A mere quartet of songs, the Heir EP claws and digs its way into the ranks of the lofty, holy classics of the genre.

To say that Heir EP feels a bit “different” is a stark understatement. Instead of adhering to convention and embracing a downtrodden, heartbroken aesthetic, Suis La Lune wield a sound that can accurately be described as “feel-good.” You would probably never guess it from looking at the album art, but Heir EP is an uplifting selection of music throughout. Part of the beauty that makes their sound so incredible comes from their ability to make the traditionally sad, well, happy. The devices the Swedish band employs to achieve this effect are equally impressive. “With Wings Of Feathers And Glue” commences Heir EP with a series of chirping birds ingrained against the silence. While the screaming is latent and certainly harsh, Suis La Lune balance this out with a melodic vocal line from the background that acts as a rudder to steer the ship. Throughout the all-too-ephemeral four songs, the guitars are as dynamic as any I’ve ever heard. The band’s ability to change tempo time and time again is simply astounding on first listen or fiftieth listen. From spastic to melodic, from a whispery acoustic intro to a riff one can only describe as a “wall of sound,” Suis La Lune prove to the listener that their penchant for a different style is easily backed up by their technical prowess and creative song writing.

This same creative quality is what I feel really defines Heir EP. Be it the dynamism exhibited with such flair or Suis La Lune’s desire to create an album that defies genre-convention through its mood, there is an undeniable amount of creativity that went into Heir EP, manifesting in the form of a beautiful and vastly enjoyable opus. Despite its length, the Heir EP is heads in front of the competition in terms of listenability. For about 15 glorious minutes, it’s easy to lose yourself in the unique and surprisingly effortless listen.

Under the guise of “screamo,” it’s hard not to feel that Suis La Lune is really tricking us. How can a piece of music bereft with ravenous screaming and dissonant chords be this easy to listen to and yet be so feel-good? If there is an answer to be found, it can most likely be attributed to the astounding umbrella that envelopes Heir EP. While the chords progress seamlessly from harmonious to clashing with voracious screaming in tow, Suis La Lune communicate a strong sense of tranquility and fun. The Heir EP feels sincere to the point that it would be perfectly reasonable to sing or dance along, not in remorse or pain like the band’s contemporaries, but rather in jubilation. Whether you’re a worn-out veteran of harsh scramz who still cries when you hear Saetia or a newcomer to the usually unwelcoming genre, I challenge you not to feel a little tinge of happiness and surprise whilst Suis La Lune blisters on merrily.

Overall Grade: 4.5/5

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