Stereo Reform-The future started yesterday

February 25th, 2016 by WLOY Staff

cover170x170Stereo Reform- The future started yesterday

Released: May 13, 2013

Rate: 10/10

Stereo Reform is just bound to blow up. With its sound being similar to Capital Cities, Walk the Moon and Fickle Friends, and vocals that are strikingly similar to Nicholas Petricca of Walk the moon, Stereo Reform is the “Next Big Thing”.

Though mostly synth and electronically driven, Stereo reform implements aspects of rock, funk , and dance music, into making its fun, foot tapping, stereo booming sound. The album is definitely full of singles, which to many may be a detriment when it comes to the identity of an album, but Stereo does it so well that every song on the album can stand its own but is cohesive to the theme of the album and the band in its entirety. Their album name, The future started yesterday  adds to the band’s blast from the past for the 21st century vibe, and I am here for it. Their songs are extremely fun and it’s a surprise that this band has not already blown up. It’s rare in a band and genre that is futuristic and electronic driven, that the vocals be polished, and absolutely dynamic and Neil Turner pulls it off superbly. His tone is smooth and and easy to listen to, you can’t help but to fall in love with his voice and he even reaches up to a  falsetto. The bass line and guitar riffs add so much depth to their music, and slices through the electronics that could sometimes be muddy and annoying in genres like this. And this honestly, makes you love the band even more, because not only are they talented in just make a fun dance song but instrumentally they are just as talented and skilled. Killer groove, excellent production, Stereo Reform is going to reform our mundane airwaves and were here since yesterday for the future of music.

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