Staycation Compilation Interview

February 18th, 2022 by The Professor

(By Ben Ostrowski ’24)

On February 5th, I had the opportunity to interview James Richard Lane, creator of the Staycation Compilation. The Staycation Compilation is a music series that showcases a variety in sound while giving back to a greater cause, with the proceeds benefiting the Baltimore International Academy. The collection includes some great local artists who have also played live shows for WLOY (PLRLS, F City, Little Lungs…) and some newcomers bound for great things. It was a fantastic experience getting to hear James’ story working with musicians in the Baltimore area and beyond.

Being a fan of WLOY for years now, James’ enthusiasm was contagious, and you’ll feel it too. A highlight from our chat was also getting to hear about what he does on WKCR in New York City. From the amount of interesting and big names bands he’s talked with, I knew I was in the presence of someone who is truly passionate about what they do, and it was fun to share in our common role of being radio hosts.

James and I both share a mutual love for the city of Baltimore and getting to talk about contributing something back to the city we adore was extraordinary.


Buy, stream the full compilation (Buy it so you support Baltimore International Academy!)

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  1. joe viglione says:

    Ben Ostrowski ’24 good show on Thursday July 14 2022 5-6 pm great show.

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