Staff Picks: Jeremy’s Top 5 Albums of 2016

December 23rd, 2016 by WLOY Staff

Review by: Jeremy Stephenson’17

Disclaimer: These albums are albums listened to in 2016, these may not actually be albums released in 2016.

170x170bb-15. Led Zeppelin – IV (untitled) –  [itunes link=”″ title=”Led_Zeppelin_IV_(Remastered)”]

This is by far my favorite Zeppelin album. Start to finish this album will take you to magical places far away. The bluesy folk rock feel will make you dance your face off but still keep your neck sore from all the head banging. Remember to soften it up with Going to California.

170x170bb-54. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Legend – [itunes link=”″ title=”Legend_(Remastered)”]

Watch “I am Legend” and listen to what Will Smith says about this album, it pretty much sums everything up. If you cant groove and agree to the messages within this perfect compilation album I don’t know what you stand for in life. If you need help understanding, reference Will Smith in I Am Legend,

170x170bb-93. Daft Punk – Discovery –   [itunes link=”″ title=”Discovery”]

One of the most original electronic sounds coupled with intense thought and creativity which also drove the robots to create an animated video which coincides with the album. Turn on your inner robot and vibe in ones and zeros. This album is beyond genius. Daft Punk literally made an animated movie about this album with the collaborative help of Leiji Matsumoto. No more explanation necessary, just go and listen you organic meat sack.

170x170bb-72. Kanye West – Late Registration – [itunes link=”″ title=”Late_Registration”]

Made back in the good ol’ days when Ye’ was fooling around with models and wearing pastels. The production value on this album is beyond top notch. The variety of samples ranging from Curtis Mayfield to Shirley Bassey are impeccably mixed with Kanye’s lyricism. No wonder he won two Grammy’s for it. For the ultimate Late Registration experience reference Late Orchestration, the man is a genius. This is my favorite album by Kanye, his creative uses of samples are amazing here, plus the message behind the albums are something else.

170x170bb-81. Black Sabbath – Master of Reality – [itunes link=”″ title=”Master_of_Reality”]

Let out you inner Satanist with this album. My absolute favorite psychedelic metal sound found in the most consistent form. We all love to dip our toes into the underworld but this album will straight water board you with gloomy vibes. Don’t be too alarmed though, songs like Solitude and Orchid can lift you up out of the hellhole.

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