Staff Picks 11.3.2013

November 7th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

Billy DriesNight Time, My Time – Sky Ferreirasky-cover

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Sky has been on the public radar for years now, she’s allegedly hooked up with Miley Cyrus, and got busted for drugs, and shed a pop star that didn’t start on Disney Channel!…Whats this? Billy’s pick is a pop album?… Freak yeah it is, this album rocks it out and delivers a sound the likes of which hasn’t been heard in a Pop album since the likes of Michael Jackson, or Madonna.

Rachel Stoczko- Prism– Katy Perry

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Katy Perry is just the creme de la creme when it comes to female pop artists in 2013. It’s her 4th studio album that is filled with hits and shows her growth as an artist. Prism offers a variety of different songs that including “Walking on Air” which resembles a dance-ready 90’s song, “Legendary Lovers” which just has an incredible beat and vibe, and “Dark Horse” which features Juicy J… and it somehow works. Be sure to listen to it in it’s entirety to fully appreciate the awesomeness that she is; side-note: start getting excited for some awesome music videos to come.

The_2020_Experience_2_of_2Joelle HernandezThe 20/20 Experience Part 2 of 2 – Justin Timberlake

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…Because JT is absolutely amazing and just gets better with time! The second part of this album is just as good as the first. Usually, I don’t like artists putting out sequels to an album, but in this case it definitely worked!!

Tamar-Braxton-Love-and-War-2013-1200x1200Jordan Hernandez-SHE DID THAT!!-Tamar Braxton

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Jumping back to the music scene and making a name for herself, Tamar, younger sister of Toni Braxton and reality star is giving her fans just what they asked. An album filled with a variety of music styles that all some how come together and scream TAMAR! Slower songs like All The Way Home and Prettiest Girl are clearly about her husband/ manager Vincent Herbert. They offer an inside look to the intimate feelings of Braxton and how great her marriage is. But we know Tamar likes to get a little ratchet. Tracks like She Did That and Hot Sugar give us the Divalicious Tamar we all love! I am obsessed with the album and Tamar! If you are looking for a good mix of songs and an album that is amazing  from start to finish you better GET YOUR LIFE and grab this album!

Jdilla_donuts_altLPcoverBobby TonerDonuts – J Dilla

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The last album released by legendary producer J Dilla just three days before his untimely death. An entirely instrumental hip-hop album that manages to convey a powerful story through a combination of expert sampling and ideal beat selection. Simply put, this is Dilla’s final, beautiful, parting gift.

Dr. Dog B-RoomCourtney Kozieja – B-Room – Dr. Dog

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Dr. Dog consistently makes awesome albums and this one is no exception. One of my favorite songs off B-Room is “Love” and their music video is equally one of my favorites. Dr. Dog used clips of old toy advertisements and lists the lyrics like a sing-a-long. Go listen to the album and I dare you not to break out in song.

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