Sports Saturdays: Dude, Where’s My Racecar?

February 28th, 2015 by Justin Thomas

Sports Saturday NASCAR just turned into an Ashton Kutcher comedy down in Morrow, Georgia as Team Xtreme Racing driver Travis Kvapil is left saying, “Dude, where’s my car?”

Kvapil’s No. 44 car was in a trailer in a hotel parking lot in Morrow, Georgia in preparation for this weekend’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. At 5:34am, the trailer, with the car and spare parts inside, was stolen.

Team Xtreme now finds themselves without a car for the race this weekend, and had to withdraw from the race Friday morning.

Kvapil reported the theft through Twitter while keeping a good sense of humor about him.

“Wow. Anyone near Atlanta find my stolen Cup car let me know! Unreal,” Kvapil first tweeted at 9:13am.

He then followed up with the tweets, “I bet when whoever has it, opens the trailer and is going to be like ‘oh snap’,” and my personal favorite, “Dang…I’m wishing we had LoJack or something on it!”

The car and its parts are going to be hard to sell off without police noticing, seeing as the car itself has giant Golden Corral decals all over it and the number 44 plastered on.

In all seriousness, the contents of the trailer are worth around $400,000, meaning finding this trailer is important to Team Xtreme and owner John Cohen.

“I just feel bad for my guys,” Cohen said. “They were really proud of this car….I want the car back. That was my favorite car I had in the shop. I called that car ‘Old Faithful,’ because you could run that car anywhere and it would do good.”

Kvapil shared similar feelings on the situation when asked about it on Friday at the track.

“”It’s really a crazy story,” Kvapil said. “I feel bad for the guys, John Cohen and the team…they worked so hard the last couple of days and a lot of hours to get us here, and to have it kind of just pulled out right from under us…I just can’t believe it….For the team’s sake and John Cohen’s sake, hopefully the parts and pieces can be recovered or it will be a really huge setback for the team.”

Hopefully this crazy story can end just as well for Team Xtreme as it did for Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott in Dude, Where’s My Car? The comedy of the story just became very real.

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