Sports Saturday: President’s Cup

April 2nd, 2011 by WLOY Staff

City Council President Bernard “Jack” Young has teamed up with the Baltimore Orioles Director of Communications, the Baltimore City Schools CEO, and the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association Vice President to break ground on the new “President’s Cup” citywide baseball tournament.  The event has been developed to gather baseball stars from Baltimore’s public and private schools. But here’s the clincher, they get to play on some of the city’s finest baseball diamonds. Throughout history baseball has had the special power to crush both racial and socioeconomic boundaries, and that is exactly what the President’s Cup aims to do. Kids that usually would never cross paths will be competing against each other, brought together by their common love of the game. And wouldn’t you know? WLOY was invited to DJ the entire event AND carry the games LIVE!

The tournament begins on Saturday April 9th, with gameplay starting on the 9th at Johns Hopkins University. The championship game will eventually be played at Camden Yards on April 16th. Be sure to come watch some great games in order to support this great cause.

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