SOTW: Slow Pulp – “Yard”

October 27th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Isabelle Braudakis

Song of the Week: Slow Pulp“Yard”

Released: September 29, 2023

Rate: 8/10

RIYL: Momma, Soccer Mommy, Alex G, Wednesday, Snail Mail

Slow Pulp is an American Indie-rock band that came together in 2020. The band consists of childhood friends Teddy Mathews, Alex Leeds, Henry Stoehr, and Emily Massey. The record tackles themes of isolation and learning how to be comfortable with your own company as well as learning to trust and love. “Yard” has the perfect balance of slow and chill songs accompanied by dreamy rock and raw vocals to create a mellow and addictive sound. There are also some heavier, rock-influenced tracks that keep things interesting as you listen to the record in completion.  

You can hear punk rock influences in the song “Cramp.” Guitar distortion and vocals create a heavy atmosphere. It makes you want to jump up and down as you sing along.  

Then there are songs like “Slugs” and “MUD” which are both slower and more vocal-heavy. More of what I have heard from Slow Pulp. They work toward creating a warm and comforting sound even when singing out heartbreak or difficult themes. When I hear these songs, it makes me want to stare out a window on a cold rainy night and yearn for the good old days. 

Isabelle’s Picks:

“Gone 2”, “Doubt”, and “MUD”


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