SOTW: Molly Burch – “Tattoo”

February 15th, 2024 by Liz Kosik

by Fiona Galang ’27

Song of the Week: Molly Burch“Tattoo”

Released: September 2023

Rate: 10/10

RIYL: Julia Jacklin, Dreamgirl, Whatever, Dad, Soccer Mommy

Molly Burch is an Indie Pop/Rock artist who started her music journey in 2010. Her music is mostly about heartbreak, loss, and love. She’s released four albums and various singles. She’s received the most attention from her song “Please Be Mine”. In 2023, she released her newest album called Daydreamer, where “Tattoo” came from.

“Tattoo” is my favorite song from Daydreamer and probably my favorite song out of all of her music. Molly created this song as a tribute to a loved one she lost. You can truly feel the longing and nostalgia in this song. The lyrics are the best part, but it also has a great melody. They’re heartbreaking, touching, and reflect the emotions you feel when you’ve lost someone you love; wanting to call them just to talk about the weather, but having to come to terms with the fact that they weren’t going to be alive forever.

This is definitely a song you should listen to when you’re in your feels, it’s raining outside, or you’re feeling nostalgic. Check out “Tattoo” and Molly Burch’s music if you’re a fan of Clairo, Girl in Red, or Cigarettes After Sex.


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