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December 19th, 2021 by The Professor

SONG OF THE WEEK: The Backseat Lovers – “Kilby Girl”

By Ben Ostrowski ’24

Indie-pop rock has never sounded so good. “Kilby Girl” by The Backseat Lovers comes from their first album “When We Were Friends” and has been a hit ever since, with 130 million streams and counting. The song is a hint towards Kilby Court, a popular outdoor music venue in Salt Lake City, the area the band reigns from. The Backseat Lovers wrote the song about the type of girl that would frequent the venue.

With catchy bass lines, mellow verses that build up into an upbeat chorus, and instrumental experimentation, it’s difficult to sit still while listening to “Kilby Girl.” And if you didn’t think the song couldn’t get any better and just when you think it’s over, the band throws you for a loop with a great turn around ending to once again up the energy and bring the song back to life. The experimentation can be heard with introducing some soft guitar and the harmonica to lull the song to a close.

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