SOTW: Kidnap and Leo Stannard – “Overgrown”

June 25th, 2024 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25

Song of The Week: Kidnap and Leo Stannard“Overgrown”

Released: May 2024

Rate: 7/10

RIYL: The Orb, Luttrell, GusGus, Eli & Fur

Matt Relton, better known as Kidnap, first made waves in 2012 when his track “Vehl” won the iTunes Best Electronic Track award. Hailing from the UK, Relton has always been an innovator, quickly crafting a signature sound that stands out for its intelligence and depth. In 2015, he released the “Birds That Fly” EP, marking a significant step in his artistic journey. True to his unique style, Relton’s music consistently evokes memories and emotions. His expert use of vocals, intricate percussion, and melodies shows his deep understanding of the emotional power of music.

Since 2015, Relton has released three albums, and a good mix of EP’s. His most recent project, Fortified, includes two single EPs with “Overgrown” taking the crown for WLOY’s song of the week. Relton reintroduced a familiar musical partner on “Overgrown”: Leo Stannard. Relton and Stannard originally showcased their compatibility on Relton’s 2020 track “Moments.” Since then, both artists have made name for themselves in the music industry.

“Overgrown” is the perfect hit for a summer, especially a beach day or late-night drive. The underlining track resembles an EDM sound, but nothing too crazy or synthetic – just right. Relton’s voice matches the tone of the track, reminding me of some 2016 Justin Bieber songs (arguably one of his best eras). “Overgrown” is definitely a song worthy of adding to your playlist.




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