SOTW: Cable Ties – “Time for You”

July 17th, 2023 by Liz Kosik

by Liz Kosik ’25

Song of the Week: Cable Ties  – “Time for You”

Released: June 23, 2023

Rate: 9/10

RIYL: Private Function, CLAMM, Sweeping Promises, Blonde Revolver

Australia’s hottest trio, Cable Ties, is back with its newest album and ready to make a statement. Formed in 2015, Cable Ties emerged as a cornerstone of Melbourne’s feminist punk movement and by 2017 had released their self-entitled album “Cable Ties.” In March 2020, they unveiled their second album, “Fair Enough,” which claimed the coveted Best Rock/Punk Album title at the prestigious 2020 Music Victoria Award. Flashforward to 2023, Cable Ties has released its 9-track album, “All Her Plans,” addressing the trials of life and the blessings of love.

Cable Ties is known for their rock/punk intensity and “All Her Plans” is definitely their hardest set yet. The group consists of Jenny McKechnie, singer and guitarist; Nick Brown, bassist; and Shauna Boyle, drummer. Delivering the same power as the band’s earlier works, the album brings forth deeper, heartfelt lyrics from lead singer McKechnie, exploring topics like addiction, mental health, and the struggling healthcare system of Australia.

“All Her Plans” does offer brighter spots through songs such as “Time for You” which offers the serenity we may feel in a lover’s presence. Lyricist, McKechnie, runs through an overwhelming agenda, repeatedly saying “I’ve got no time.” But, sweetly switches up the focus by honoring the people worth making time for. This is easily my favorite track on the album. McKechnie creates an adorable story of building a patient connection and being able to find solace with a partner, even in the craziness of everyday life. Cable Ties speaks into their charm while also embracing their punk grunge.

“All Her Plans” Staff Picks: “Thoughts Back” and “Crashing Through”

Upcoming Shows: Cable Ties will be playing at the Ottobar in Baltimore on September 9th @ 9 PM. Ticket information here!

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