Song of the Week: Men I Trust – “Morse Code”

October 27th, 2021 by Ronnie Gruseck

Morse Code – Men I Trust (feat. Odile & Geoffroy)

Reviewed by:  Isabelle Braudakis

Men I Trust’s song, Morse Code, is featured in their Headroom (2015) album. This song contributes a breezy and groovy feel that is supported by the synth throughout the whole song. Starting out with a funky bass line that instantly pulls you in; the guitar line in the song takes on a very “disco-y” feel, creating a floating in space kind of vibe. The vocals lead you through the song in an almost enchanting way, they are the most soothing element of this song. The groovy tunes carry you through the psychedelic experience this chorus provides. This is one of the most enjoyable songs I have ever heard in my life, and I recommend it to anyone who is into a more psychedelic and groovy sound!

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