Season Preview: Loyola Mens Basketball

November 26th, 2010 by WLOY Staff

It’s that time of the year again. Soccer comes to an end and the next great sport here at Loyola takes the helm of the Athletic Program’s ship. Of course, I am talking about Loyola Basketball. Every year, fans get excited for the home games as the Marching Flock get prepared to warm fans’ hearts and inspire true Athletic Spirit. Every year, fans stand behind the Men’s team just to see hopes of a MAAC championship slip out of our grasp. Then it’s April and it’s time to gear up for Lacrosse, the sport that matters.

But not this year.

This year is different. This year, Loyola shows life. The Mens Basketball team shows the fans that this year, hopes of a championship will not slip away so easily as in years past.

At the beginning of preseason for Basketball, MAAC coaches gathered and voted on team rankings for the conference. It proved to be daunting for Loyola. As Loyola was placed sixth overall in the conference, Coach Jimmy Patsos, in his seventh season, states that it’s a fair assessment of the league. However, notice how Coach Patsos states “league” and not of his team. That’s because Patsos believes that the basketball, like Optimus Prime from Transformers, has more than meets the eye.

As the season rolls around, Coach Patsos and his squad are on a relentless track to bring aspirations and hopes for a MAAC championship and seed in the NCAA Tournament to reality.

But how? How can Loyola this year really make a difference in the MAAC and show the other teams that Fairfield and Siena, favorites to win the championship, actually have something to worry about?

Come by later on next week and I will reveal the two key ingredients to winning the MAAC this year. Also check in every week to get the next installment of the 7 Minute sports slam and listen every Friday at 1PM for the Sports Block with Anthony and co. Only here at WLOY.

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