Album Review: Sabrina Starke- Sabrina Starke

April 19th, 2016 by WLOY Staff

cover170x170-9Sabrina Starke-Sabrina Starke

Released: September 9, 2015

Rate: 10/10

Born in Paramaribo, Suriname and raised in the Netherlands, Jazz, R&B, soul, folk fusion artist, Sabrina Starke released her self- titled album Sabrina Starke. If you like Nina Simone, Tracy Chapman or Billie Holliday, you will enjoy Starke and her album.

With vocals similar to Mary J. Blige and a more feminine Paolo Nutini, Sabrina gives a stunning performance on this album. With messages full of uplift, hope and love, Starke ignites a revolution of unification and loving yourself. Absolutely superb production and mastering on all of the songs. Starke has a great hear for music, lyrics and combining the two. After listening to the album, you are left the filling that you can do anything. Starke’s voice is smooth, unique and just incredibly charming and easy to listen to. An example of the musical masterpiece on the album is, “Milk & Honey” the bass line is indescribable and is the leader of this song, her voice sounds the best on this doing, it’s completely upbeat and you can not help but to bop along while listening.  It’s a shame she has not transitioned over into a more mainstream market, we could all use her music on the national airwaves. Starke is honest, raw, lovable and this album encompasses all of that. “Sabrina Starke” (album) and as an artist is worth checking out, you will not be disappointed.

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