Review: Young & Sick-Young & Sick

April 7th, 2014 by WLOY Staff

th Young & Sick

 Young & Sick

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Grade: B+

Los Angelos based, Capitol Records recording artist, Young & Sick came out with their self-titled album, Young & Sick and it is definitely a pleasure to listen to the plethora of genres provided by this album. This album is a mixture of 80s pop, rock , jazz and smooth R&B. Young & Sick, a project created by Dutch recording artist, Nick Van Hofwegen gives you synthesizers, guitar, drums, silky smooth vocals, carefully calculated musical composition and all the works creating this incredibly sounding album-definitely a pleasure to the ears! Though Young & Sick has only been on the music scene for about 3 years, it’s music definitely speaks otherwise, and when it comes to the future, it will definitely leave a everlasting impression for years to come.

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