Review: Lenore. – Lenore.

March 10th, 2018 by WLOY Staff

Artist: Lenore.

Album: Lenore.

Release Date: 09/15/2017

RIYL: The Civil Wars, Iron & Wine, Joy Williams

Rating: 9/10

Lenore.’s self-titled album weighs heavy on the heart. It feels as if Edward Cameron, Lenore.’s guitarist, is picking on the audience’s heart strings. Everything about Lenore. just flows incredibly well, especially the voices of Rebecca Marie Miller’s and Joy Pearson’s voices. The sound that binds all of the instruments heard on Lenore. is that of the cello, which is made to sing by Jessie Dettwiler. Lenore.’s peaceful vibes will put you in a trance with it’s perfect folk blend of percussion, sultry string instruments, and soothing voices. Lenore. is an album of empathy and comfort for those lonely lovers and loners out there. Tracks such as “The Sun” and “(I Just Thought) That You Should Know,” can be heard on WLOY. My recommended three-song-sampler consists of “Ether’s Arms,” “Heavy Eyes,” and “Blue.”

Lenore. sets this tone of passion induced suffering with the opening track, the ballad of  “Ether’s Arms,” which has an ominous tone resulting from the manner in which the guitar is picked and the long, low notes of the cello. The lyrics, “I know you that don’t wanna be/the one who has to deal with me,” are self-pity inflicting, relatable, and characteristically folk with their earthy theme, which is also present in the lyrics of the chorus, “so lay me under the ancient trees/let the roots and the branches devour me.” The second track of the album, “Heavy Eyes” strays slightly away from folk and takes on a Fleetwood Mac kind of feel with prominent, catchy bass lines, harmonious vocals, a typical 70s guitar rhythm, and a bouncing snare drum beat. Even the lyrics, “I know you’ve got your reasons/so do I” remind me of sentiments expressed on Rumours. “Blue” is yet another unrequited love song, but with a slightly less melancholy and eerie feel than “Ether’s Arms.” With lyrics such as, “I’m blue only for you” and “I’ll be waiting for the night/that you make it right,” “Blue” gives off the vibe of pining over a lost love. These three tracks, “The Sun” and “(I Just Thought) That You Should Know” will make great additions to your folky, broken-hearted playlist. That being said, keep on the lookout for the fast moving and western-influenced sound of “The Sun” and smooth flowing rock-influenced sound of “(I Just Thought) That You Should Know.”

All in all, Lenore. by Lenore. is an awesome album that marries folk and rock. There is a variety of sound throughout the whole album that doesn’t allow for listeners to become bored or the monotonous blending of one song into the next. What would have made the album a 10/10 is if Miller and Pearson had taken more turns singing instead of singing every part together. Although their voice sound beautiful together, it would have been cool to hear more of how they sound individually as well. Regardless, if you are even the least bit interested in folk, give Lenore. a listen because there is probably a song on the album that you feel you can relate to either in terms of sound or lyrics.

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