Review: Deleted Scenes – Lithium Burn

April 11th, 2014 by WLOY Staff

deleted-scenes-lithium-burn-900x450Deleted Scenes

Lithium Burn 

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Grade: A

Deleted Scene’s new album, set to release April 15 definitely captures the essence of their music-art rock. Melodic rhythms, infused with some math rock, helps set this band apart from others. This album definitely demonstrates are much this band has grown, how mature they are and how knowledge/talented they are on their instruments. Lithium Burn also gives you a very pop sound, heard on the title track ” Haircuts/Uniforms.”  These Maryland natives, having been together since 2005, give many different dimensions throughout the album: with more upbeat sounds and slower songs like “Landfall.” The drummer, Ricardo Lagomasino is really relied on, on this album especially in the songs that have more of a math rock vibe, but you can tell that everyone on this album pulls their weight. For anyone looking for new local talent, Deleted Scenes’ Lithium Burn is a must listen. 

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