Review: Almost Anywhere – Closed World, Wounds Open

April 25th, 2014 by WLOY Staff

Image (25)Almost Anywhere

Closed World, Open Wounds

Grade: A-

All girl rock/metal band Almost Anywhere, recently came out with their debut EP, “Closed World, Wounds Open.” I recently discovered these girls on youtube and had the great pleasure of seeing some of their videos with their originals before the EP came out. It is evident that these California rockers: Emily Patterson, twins: Jackie and Jessica Parry and Alexxis Plata have grown a lot musically especially in songs like “Losing All Patience” where a new riff was added in during the bridge which is not seen in the live performance of the song. The final song on the EP, “A Bed of roses” definitely demonstrates the girls talent and seems to be the true sound of the band, it is also one of my personal favorites on the album. Being in an all girl band myself, I was especially hard when critiquing the band, and I have nothing bad to say. All I could ask for is that it would be great to hear more bass in the songs. These girls can definitely play and even out play many guys in this very male dominated industry. For just being ages 15-17, it is  great to see not only women in rock, but also to see what the future has for these girls. All I know is that they have a very bright future.

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