Review: Adding up the wasted hours – The Lonely Forest

October 29th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

The-Lonely-Forest-Adding-Up-the-Wasted-HoursAdding up the wasted hours

The Lonely Forest

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Grade: A

The Lonely Forest, an indie rock band from Anacortes, Washington releases their fourth studio album,  Adding up the Wasted Hours on October 15, 2013. The album is a mix of indie rock and the influence of synthesizers to give it a unique sound. The introduction of synthesizers really enhances the sound of each and every song. The Lonely Forest though does not stray to far from from its indie roots. Adding up the Wasted Hours is similar to music from the Bombay Bicycle Club and Vampire Weekend. Every song on the album is a new journey that the listener is taken on. Each song is very different from each other, but still flows solidly on the album. The Lonely Forest also incorportates some great guitar riffs, leaving many of the songs stuck in your head. Adding up the Wasted Hours has a very innovative and new wave sound. The album is exciting and fun and will leave you wanting more.

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