Retro Rockin Roadshow – Best of the Summer

August 27th, 2020 by The Professor

Did you tune in to the the Retro Rockin Roadshow Last Friday? If you did I hope you enjoyed the theme of One Hit Wonders. Make sure to tune in to WLOY and the Retro Rockin Road every Friday beginning at 7pm and every Monday at 10am. NOW WITH 10% MORE VINYL!!! (editor: We know it’s got more because Eddie has spent the whole summer alphabetizing the 12,000 LPs in our library!)

This Weeks Theme: A Retro Rockin Summer Rewind wherein Eddie taps tracks from his various summer shows and a few that didn’t make the original edits.

Featured Artists: Frank Sinatra, The Duprees, The Beatles, The Monkees, Elton John, and ABBA

Do you Have suggestion or recommendation for my show? Would you like to request a song or a specific theme? Please email your request to you can also DM your request through our social media WLOY Loyola Radio

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