Reflektor- Arcade Fire: Reviewed

October 29th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

Arcade Fire - CoverReflektor

Arcade Fire

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Letter Grade: Ralphie’s A++++++++++++++++++


(Not getting the reference?

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The hype for this album started months ago with random acts of Reflektor street art cropping up in major cities around the world, and now the day has finally come. Reflektor is here! The lead single and title track “Reflektor” provided a much needed piece of new material from Arcade Fire to hold us over until this day, and now we can hear it all. The James Murphy produced album is oozing with his influence, the percussion section has never sounded better on an Arcade Fire album. The LCD Soundsystem mastermind and close friend of Arcade Fire stepped in to polish this album off and give it that disco infused James Murphy touch that can’t be missed in tracks like “It’s Never Over” and “Reflektor”. Layer after layer each track builds and dissolves, whether its the dance punk inspired “Normal Person” or the catchy “Here Comes The Night Time” no single track is merely guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, but a magnificent composition in itself. Now Loyola doesn’t give out A+s, so neither do we, but hey sometimes rules need to be broken right?

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