RadioEdu Week 01 & 02: Introduction

September 27th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce the birth of RadioEdu, a project designed to introduce audio engineering and production to Baltimore City students. This blog will follow the progress of three extraordinary fifth graders from Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary School as they learn complex concepts on industry standard studio equipment. The students have limited access to computers, and we are working together two days a week. Each week will focus on one or more concepts and will have a ‘proof of concept’ project from the students. The emphasis is on project-based learning, and the students develop their skills through hands-on development and gain more autonomy as the semester progresses.

We hope that this pilot project is the first of many and that we are able to introduce this technology and skillset to many more schools and students in the future!

-Jonathan Prozzi

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