RadioEdu Week 09

November 22nd, 2013 by WLOY Staff

Concepts: Advanced Audio Editing for Loops, Mic Awareness for Live Recording

This was an abbreviated week, so we focused mainly on reviewing concepts from previous weeks while also discussing some of the ‘unseen’ studio skills regarding awareness of one’s surroundings while working with live mics. Throughout the last several weeks I’ve been providing tips to the students while they are recording. These are usually centered around awareness while recording, such as making sure one is aware of touching the mic cables while they are recording as this causes a ‘spike’ in the recording. Some of the other concepts that we’ve been practicing include making sure that they are at an acceptable and consistent distance from the mics, and also making sure we practice talking in loud and confident voices so that there is less need to boost the gain after the recording. The students have been improving in these areas over the weeks, and this was a time to check in on their progress and review these ‘hidden’ skills that have been improving.

We also delved further into the realm of loop editing and the process of cutting sounds and segments from a larger audio file in order to create their own rhythms and grooves. The students ultimately will produce soundbeds for their own segments as well as an introduction for their own radio segment, and so this skill review was a great reminder of how far they’ve come and also helped clarify upcoming goals.

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