RadioEdu Week 06

November 1st, 2013 by WLOY Staff

Concept: Delay review, Introduction to Echo

Continuing with the students’ introduction to effects and effect chains, this week we learned about Echo. The students immediately noted that the interface of the Echo plug-in is similar to the Delay, and that many of the parameters are the same. We then began to highlight the distinctions and at the end of the session, the students were able to identify the differences and brainstorm about when they would use each.

As with the other effects, we began by loading an audio sample of a guitar on a track with Echo on the rack. I had each student choose a preset from the menu and predict what it would sound like, and then analyze the parameters on the plug-in. The students were able to note the relationship between the ‘Delay Time’ parameter and how apparent the Echo would become.

Proof of Concept: This week was mainly theoretical and focused on linking what they saw on the preset parameters and predicting how the guitar sample would be changed. The students demonstrated that they understood the impact of ‘Delay Time’ by noting that the longer the delay, the longer they would continue to hear audio after the initial sample ceased to play. This was very impressive, and we further solidified the concept by having each student say “Happy Halloween” at the same time, and then each of them stagger when they would begin. The result was similar to the echo created on the track, which led to comparisons to ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat,’ and how Echo can be considered similarly.

J decided to record a new version of his ‘Top Ten’ list, this week bringing a ‘Top Ten Pokemon’ installment. This was an excellent way for him to practice his ‘live radio show’ skills, as he did this entire list is largely spontaneous. He is continuing to work on designing a ‘Top Ten’ segment as a regular feature for an eventual radio show segment, and this list demonstrates his increasing comfort and confidence on the mic, as well as his technical skills regarding talking into the mic. Mic awareness is one of the ‘unseen’ skills that the students are continuing to develop, and this recording demonstrates a growing mindfulness in regard to these technical studio aspects.

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