RadioEdu Week 05

October 25th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

Concepts: Reverb and Delay, Advanced Editing

Since we briefly introduced the concept of Reverb last week, we started with a discussion of Reverb and the students were able to understand how room size impacted sound, and why engineers would seek out certain rooms for recordings. As an experiment I had the class clap in our moderate sized room, and then predict what would happen if the room were smaller and larger. I said that next time they were in the school auditorium they should clap and report back whether or not their claps matched their predictions.

We also had a brief discussion about why room size would matter, and this lead to an introduction to acoustics and sound waves. We then revisited the story that they composed last week and M was able to edit the track herself! She went into the audio editor and cut the small dialogue section from the story, pasted it to a new track, added Reverb to the new track, and then silenced the section on the initial track. This is a very advanced concept and she was able to understand the need to put it on a separate track, and was able to perform the editing herself. As the original recording of the story was posted in last week’s blog entry, this week’s proof of concept is M’s edit with the section of dialogue cut and pasted to another track. This is a clear demonstration of the ability to follow through with an idea that was planned in advance, and a great introduction to some of the edits and manipulations that occur in post-processing of a recorded piece.

(TBA Caveman Story with Edit)

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