RadioEdu Week 04

October 18th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

Concepts: Introduction to Effects, Project Planning, Homework Help Newscast

This week we learned about effects and how engineers and producers use them to enhance their production. We began with an introduction to Reverb and a discussion about natural echo and room size. As an experiment I had the students list times when they were in different size rooms and to describe the sound. We determined that the sound in the school auditorium would be different than the sound in a bathroom, and this was the perfect transition into talking about Reverb.

As RadioEdu is project-based, I had the students load a guitar and vocal sample onto an empty audio track and then add Reverb to the effects rack. The students learned about wet and dry mixes, and this drew an analogy to cooking. Once confident with the ‘flavor’ of Reverb, the students brainstormed a project to demonstrate its use.

Proof of Concept:

The students created a story about a caveman where the dialogue would have Reverb on it, as the lines were spoken inside a cave. They determined that they didn’t want the Reverb on the narrator’s voice, but only the dialogue. This was an example of Project Planning in action, as the students were thinking about how to integrate effects into their productions, but also noticed that they would need to determine a method to isolate the parts that they wanted impacted.

Evolving from their interview practice in the previous weeks, the students developed and recorded an introductory ‘homework help’ show where they would create weekly segments detailing math questions and strategies of the week, as well as study tips, vocab words, etc.

(TBA Caveman Story Pre-Edit)

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