RadioEdu Second Semester: Week 7

March 21st, 2014 by WLOY Staff

Concepts: What Happens Next Debut Session!

Hello everyone, I’m pleased to report another great week at RadioEdu! Last week we decided on the schedule that would allow for immediate integration of the fourth graders while providing engineering opportunities to fifth graders J and M. Today Kelly from WLOY came to WEMR and did a wonderful job running a segment of What Happens Next with the new group. The first part of today’s session involved J and M briefly mentioning that this is how they started in September, and that they used that initial experience to springboard forward in learning the equipment. Kelly chose a St. Patrick’s Day parade story, and after the students wrote their endings, J and M began a recording session from scratch and completely engineered recording everyone’s endings! They did an amazing job making sure the levels were balanced for each student and did their best to offer pointers. In the Fall, a theme in many of my posts was about how J and M were improving at the behind the scenes skills that are so crucial to recording. Included in this subtle art are things such as knowing how to position yourself in relation to the mics, making sure you don’t move while in a chair, and situational awareness regarding the mic cable. They internalized these tips so much during the last six months that they were providing the same feedback and information to the new students!

It was a great experience and we look forward to more of these combined sessions with our newly crowned fifth grade engineers!

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