RadioEdu Second Semester Week 3: Part 1

February 7th, 2014 by WLOY Staff

Concepts: Project Planning and Production Preparation

Hi everyone! We had another short week due to snow cancellations, but J was able to accomplish a lot in a small amount of time. In fact, we did so much this week that I’m choosing to split the update into two parts!

J and I discussed a possible project that he and M and would be producing, an audio chronicle of Black History Month poems/stories/biographies done by classmates. Since the project is in the design phase, I took the opportunity to work with J on planning and development skills. We talked about what steps a producer for such a project would need to take, and J came up with these points, among others:

  • Ensure that all students involved are prepared and know what they will be recording prior to a practice session.
  • Once practicing, check the input levels for the mics, and encourage all students to talk at a consistent volume.
  • Plan out a time limit/frame for each student, so the producer has an idea how long the project would be.
  • Consider having the students record according to their height, i.e. students with similar height record in sequence so to minimize mic adjustments
  • Plan for any music or extra production that would need to be included, such as an introduction
  • Understand who the audience of the piece would be

After a preliminary discussion of these questions, I decided to do an impromptu interview session with J, asking him to elaborate and follow up on his answers and planning process. This proved to be a great exercise, as he was really able to talk about his methods and approach to projects, honing in on the importance of this stage for the success of projects. His ability to answer and provide justification for his choices and method demonstrated a growing maturity and comfort with the production process.

The interview will be included as an audio file once edited and uploaded.

[insert Justice Producer Interview]

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