Rabbit Wilde-The Heartland

February 9th, 2016 by WLOY Staff

1453949073063Rabbit Wilde-The Heartland

Release: February 19, 2016

Rate: 6/10

Rabbit Wilde formerly known as Wild Rabbit is a multi-instrument playing quarter from Bellingham, WA. The band consists of brothers: Zach and Nathan Hamer, Miranda Zickler and Jillian Walker; the band is set to release their LP The Heartland, February 19 and it is to be a follow up from their EP Southern Hands released the Fall of 2015. Rabbit Wilde has a sound similar to The LumineersOf Monsters and Men, and The Civil Wars.

They have a fully fun sound, infused with some blue grass, some country and rock-pop. The combination of the female and male voices add to the story telling nature of their lyrics. They create a big sound with the guitars, cello, mandolin, ukelele and various other instruments they implement into their songs. Songs like “Radiator” have a jazzy vibe, and “Howl” showcases their female vocals/vocalists. Their music definitely gives up that folk vibe, where you end up unconsciously stomping your feet and clapping your hands to their songs. Unfortunately, the album falls short because they’ve fallen into the trap that many other artist like them fall into and it’s that after a while all the songs blend together and it seems like one long song instead of an album/culmination of different works. Their music can also come off as being cheesy or gimmicky; they are on there way to defining themselves in music and having their own sound, they just need to fine tune some more in the vocals/vocal harmonies and instrumentals. But despite all of this being said, I definitely see a bright future for them!

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