QueenEarth and Modern Nomad Live at Starbucks this Friday, Nov. 5!

November 3rd, 2021 by Ronnie Gruseck

Our first in-person show since COVID-19 put our events on pause. Our first show will include two artists very familiar with Baltimore and Loyola! QueenEarth worked at WLOY and is a grad school alumnus, while Modern Nomad’s alma mater is Towson University!

QueenEarth (Missy Smith) is an artist and educator whose breadth ranges from writing/composition to diversity and inclusion to music and arts. She also hosts and travels with Queercore, a concert series that highlights Queer stories through storytelling, visual, and performing arts. Her lyrics are beautiful in their simplicity and their word choice, in which all of her pieces stay true to her roots and enrich the learning experience of listeners.

Modern Nomad (Tom McLean) began recording songs in his bedroom in Baltimore at the age of 16. He recently released a new music video “Baby, I Love You” and another album after Bardo! His music can be defined as cosmic and groovy indie-pop that makes listeners feel good after finishing his songs.

Come to Starbucks from 8-10 pm Friday, November 5 to experience this double bill of acoustic awesomeness! Both are smooth and creative artists that complement each other, and now you can now finally see them in person!

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