Quarantine Takeover Show – Matt Muirhead

May 16th, 2020 by The Professor

This week we bring in local artist, instrument maker and musician Matt Muirhead. When asked for a bio, he presented this: “Matt Muirhead is a lover of Baltimore, a lover of cats and a painter of both.” It doesn’t mention his making of kalimbas, pairing with McKenzie to form the band Canopy, which opened our Honfest stage several times, his crankies and many other tidbits. You can listen to his previous Studio Seizure episode to learn more. In this Quarantine Takeover Matt is wandering back to the 1980s and exploring Japanese ambient music because he can. Tune in Tuesday at 7pm and enjoy!

You can find Matt and some of his creations on Instagram @mattmuirheadartist @bmorepuppets @muirheadmusic or on his website www.mattmuirhead.co

This show playlist is…
Hiroshi Yoshimura – four postcards – Hayama Sound Logo 1
Susumu Yokota – Sakura _ Saku
Midori Tanada – Through the Looking Glass – Mr Henry Rousseau’s Dream
Yutaka Hirose – Soundscape 2 – Nova
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Softwave for Automatic Music Box – Soft Wave 1
Motohiko Hamase _ Reminiscence – Plateau
Takahashi Kokubo – Oasis of the Wind – Forest of Ion
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Green – Creek
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Quiet Forest – Whispering
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Four Postcards – Kamakura Sound Logo

If you missed it, the show is in our archives!

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