Quarantine Takeover – Queen Kyla Vera

October 13th, 2020 by The Professor

This week we’re joined by the amazing Queen Kyla Vera of Metalachi! She’s the rocking metal violin powerhouse soloist you won’t believe unless you see her live. We were lucky to have the monsters of mariachi come by the station once upon a pre-COVID time and had a blast with them all (Check out their Studio Seizure!). Kyla is highlighting some great music this week – all bands and artists that she has performed with (or Metalachi has) including some incredible violinists and some rock legends (Suicidal Tendancies! Lamb of God!) so tune in and check it out. Luckily her crazed kitten Gizmo stopped trying to eat the microphone and resorted to just attacking Kyla so the show could be finished… We can’t wait for Metachi to stomp it’s way back east again from LA soon!!

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Spoiler: click to see the playlist

Cassandra Sotos: Annie Oakley
Katie Jacoby: Ain’t Right
Haydn Vitera: Remember Me
Shark in the Water: Midnight Swim
Clownvis: The Cursive Song
Okilly Dokilly: Panic Room
Mac Sabbath: Sweet Beef
Folk Hogan: Lady Justice
The Coffee Zombie Collective: Bulls on Parade
Latter Day Skanks: Leeches
Playboy Manbaby: Anxiety Attack
Suicidal Tendencies: Can’t Bring Me Down
Lamb of God: Gears
Suicide Silence: Smoke

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