Quarantine Takeover – Liminal Drifter

September 29th, 2020 by The Professor

This week we find ourselves with the furthest ever Quarantine Takeover host with Liminal Drifter from Perth, Australia! join us Tuesday or Thursday night at 7pm Eastern and be prepared for some amazing ambient grooves from all over the world and some special rarities. Liminal Drifter is an ongoing travelogue between identities, physical places and states of consciousness. Many of these dreamy, evocative slices of ambient electronica evolved on hand-held mobile devices, away from the studio, while traveling or visiting new places. This sense of contemplative, exploratory rootlessness imbues his work with the wistfulness and open narrative we often associate with travel.

Liminal Drifter is Dr. Simon Order. Under the ’90s moniker of dUB Rumble, Order worked with UK prog rockers Galahad on Deconstructing Ghosts, assumed bass and production duties with Dorset funksters The Bird Tribe, and produced acoustic blues band The Producers’ Nearly Wired album. He also brings numerous TV, film and radio sound credits from ol’ Blighty. Order landed in Western Australia in 2005 and went on sonic hiatus until 2013, when he emerged from the wilderness to resume working on tracks as Liminal Drifter.

Order is also an academic at Perth’s Murdoch University, where he researches radio and music technology, including radio production, community media, user-interface usability, and the use of music technology in teaching and learning.

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