Pogo Interview

March 24th, 2011 by WLOY Staff

Just before spring break I sat down for a chat with Nick Bertke, better known as Pogo. Pogo has become a Youtube phenomenon with his remixes of Disney/Pixar movies. What makes this music so unique is that Nick takes fragments of music and dialogue from such films as Toy Story and Alice In Wonderland and assembles them into an entirely new song. He edits the videos and music himself, creating a spin on iconic Disney tunes. of his videos have been viewed over a million times on Youtube, yet many people are still unfamiliar with his music. The interview produced some very interesting conversation about his music, including updates on current and future projects.

Pogo’s live show at Bourbon Street was a dazzling spectacle of lights and videos that proved perfect conditions for dancing. His videos played on two TV screens and one giant projection screen on the adjacent wall simultaneously. He efficiently blended his music videos together into a seamless journey from The Little Mermaid (my favorite) to Pirates of the Caribbean (coming soon!) and even Star Wars! I think Pogo is on his way to even greater things. He’s definitely worth a listen!

Interview on 3/3/11

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