Pocket Bells and The Dead Pens at Coffeehouse 3/21

March 18th, 2019 by WLOY Staff

Pocket Bells is a Baltimore-based “electrifying indie” band that really grew big in 2016 and has had three singles in regular rotation on AAA radio since.  Their sound is quite euphoric, incorporating a generous mix of instrumentals and and synthetics combined with relatable yet unexpected lyrics.  The Dead Pens are a (mostly) acoustic trio based out of Annapolis, Maryland.  All three of them are professional musicians who met while working on other projects.  They describe their original music as “unabashedly dark” and “unapologetically bitter” and claim to write songs about “love, death, and monsters”.  Pocket Bells and The Dead Pens will be performing this Thursday at Starbucks from 8-10pm, so come out, take a break from your studies, and enjoy some great live music!

Check them out here:

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