Pablo Picker- Paper Ships

February 3rd, 2016 by WLOY Staff



Pablo Picker: Paper ships

Release date: January 22, 2016

Rate: 7/10

Pablo Picker a Boston based artist released his fourth studio album very recently, in January to be exact! The vibe of the album is eclectic, with an overarching feeling of uplift, new beginnings, youth and of course, love. Paper Ships musically, gives of a variety of genres, such as a rocky vibe akin to Paul McCartney and the Beatles, simple bar music, and even instances of folk, ragtime/jazz and blues.

Each track on the album is its own and can stand on its own but at the same time completely completes one another in making the album a unified piece. At some points you also get a very groovy vibe, known to artist like Justin Nozuka and John Mayer. The piano accompaniment though not particularly important ion comparison to the drums and the guitar it definitely gives a fuller sound to the album. Paper Ships is also full of exciting tempo changes, as seen in songs like “Drake” from verse one leading into its chorus. Picker also adds string and horn accompaniment, again giving the music a nostalgic and “old time” feel. The pizzicato from the string instruments, especially heard in “Dry Lips” and the horns heard in ” Rolling rain cloud” again help to enhance the album as a whole and showcase Picker as an artist. This album is definitely worth a listen.

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