Out of Water eXperience–Thursday, Nov 29

November 28th, 2018 by WLOY Staff

If you have not seen The Out of Water eXperience once save the date–Thursday, Nov 29th. Femi the Drifish along with the other musicians that make of The Out of Water eXperience will be taking on McGuire, and giving to Loyola a little something we have been missing all along. As a Rage Against the Machine and Kendrick Lamar hybrid, The Out of Water eXperience offers WLOY something a little than what we typically have on stage. One of my favorite aspects of this group is that they do not hold back with their music, playing more light-hearted tunes to making important statements about social justice. If you want to have a spunkier Thursday night, come to McGuire with some friends and come to listen to The Out of Water eXperience.

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