No Age – Losing Feeling EP

April 27th, 2010 by WLOY Staff

Losing Feeling – how appropriate. Listening to No Age’s latest EP, I can’t help but think that this title is very telling. Have the “lost feeling?” that attitude that made Teen Creeps such a hit? I certainly hoped not going into their new EP. The No Age I’ve come to know through to full-length albums is one with the layered guitars and stripped down punk influences, most often compared to Sonic Youth, except with the vocals shouted nonchalantly as to say “I don’t give a f*** what you think.”  To tell the truth, despite their lofty predecessors, No Age have done a fine job at filling these gargantuan shoes.  Growing out of the LA art scene, No Age recently toured with Dan Deacon and Deerhunter on the No Deachunter tour. It’s a bit sad in some ways, but Losing Feeling is No Age growing up and maturing.

I realized this in the middle of the title track, which is much more harmonious than No Age’s previous work. Where before they would have gone louder and fuzzier, it’s like they took a step back, and things became a little more clear. One reason for this may be that they did away with the bass, and instead rely more on looping and layering the guitars. The results surprised me. While the fuzz and muffled noise of Nouns was one of the draws, Losing Feeling can handle itself just fine without them. The middle of the EP, “Genie” and “Aim at the Airport” have the band slowing things down a bit, keeping that same clarity, and even dabbling in electronica a bit.

Don’t be turned off by these newfangled changes No Age has made. This isn’t the same No Age of Nouns or Weirdo Ripper. No, this is a more mature No Age. “You’re a Target” is the EP’s last – and a fitting closer. If the first three songs were No Age contemplating what to sound like on their next record (should we go more subdued?- “Losing Feeling,” or how bout more electronic-influenced?- “Genie”), then “You’re a Target” is No Age finding their niche. Again exhibiting a more harmonious sound, No Age have clearly found more clarity since Nouns. Even though this clocks in at less than 15 minutes, it’s still a solid effort from a band that’s sure to make its mark in the future. My biggest problem probably has to be their band name, because No Age have definitely gotten older, not to mention better.

Recommended Tracks:

Losing Feeling

You’re a Target

Overall Grade: 86% B+

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