New Trap Album from Trap God Jeezy, Seen It All

September 25th, 2014 by WLOY Staff

Jeezy: Seen It All: The Autobiography

Release Date: 09/02/14

Rating: 6/10


Bundle up trap fans here comes the Snowman aka. Young Jeezy with his fifth studio album Seen It All: The Autobiography. Now at the age of 36, many agree that it was finally the right decision to drop the Young and just be labeled Jeezy. However Jeezy is still the same old Jeezy with tracks such as, Me Ok, ¼ Block, and How I Did It.

Hailing from the deep south, specifically Atlanta. Jeezy is a huge hip hop symbol who could also be regarded as the trap godfather in the rap community currently. Jeezy’s album chronicles his emergence from his formative drug dealing days to becoming a musician. His story throughout his album is somewhat repetitive and lacks the detailed lyricism, which could allow the album to flow more. However the album is most enjoyed when blasting it through some powerful bass speakers.

The standout tracks on this album are Me Ok and Seen It All featuring Jay Z. Seen It All utilizes a very exotic sample of Tomadoi Twilight by the Japanese artist Tazumi Totoshima. This sample gives the song a deeper appeal than the rest of the bass heavy samples, which are scoured throughout the album. Once again this album was adequate at best and lacked lyrical depth, along with no real flow between the songs. Jeezy’s style can be more accurately described as punch liners coupled with him yelling “YEEAAHH” numerous time in the background. One would have thought the album would have some manner of progression throughout it, being that it is titled “The Autobiography”, however there was not much present. Overall this album is one of the best in the sub-rap genre of trap music, but amongst the rap community this is significantly lacking.

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