New Releases 2.7.11

February 9th, 2011 by WLOY Staff

For new releases this week, we have an eclectic bunch of lesser-known artists. The highlights include: La Sera with her self-titled album that is reminiscent of Beach House and Tennis, Jessica Lea Mayfield’s new LP Tell Me which boasts her unique and soulful sound, and artist Imaginary Cities with their newest effort Temporary Resident. You can see more artists and albums after the jump!

Artists Album Rec’d Tracks Similar Artists
Open Source Rebellion Beta EP 1,3 Jet, Social Distortion
Elridge Rodriguez You Are Released 1,2,3,4 The Hold Steady
Imaginary Cities Temporary Resident 1,2,8 Amy Winehouse
Various Artists Manitoba Music 1,3,13 Indie Rock
Robinson England’s Bleeding 1,2,5 Folk, Acoustic
Neon Legion Empire 1,5 Neon Indian
Asobi Seksu Flourescence 4,10 Blonde Redhead
La Sera La Sera 1,2,3 Beach House, Tennis
Thomas Kivi Crying Child 5,6 Wilco, Conor Oberst
Jessica Lea Mayfield Tell Me 1,2,3 Singer-songwriter, Dan Auerbach

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