NBA Playoffs 2011

April 11th, 2011 by WLOY Staff

As the NBA Playoffs are approaching in the next couple of weeks, some teams in both conferences are getting prepared to take on the defending champions: the Los Angeles Lakers.  The Los Angeles Lakers have won the past two title in the 2009 and the 2010 seasons.  Which team will attempt to make a push in the 2011 playoffs to knock off the defending champs?  There are many teams that are capable of beating the Lakers, but come playoff time the Lakers have shown to excel against competition.  Stopping a two time defending champion during the playoffs is not an easy task, but some teams will look to make a stand come the post season.

The Eastern Conference is heating up as the teams who have made the postseason look to finish off the regular season in style.  The Chicago Bulls are making a late season push as they have clinched a playoff birth as well as capturing the Central Division.  The Bulls are 57-20 on the season and have won the last four games that they have played.  The Bulls will most likely have home court advantage throughout the playoffs as well.  The Boston Celtics have clinched the Atlantic Division while posting a 54-23 season.  The third team in the playoffs would be the Miami Heat.  As many people have predicted the Heat won the Southeast Division with a record of 54-23 on the regular season.  Despite the five game losing streak earlier on, the Heat have bounced back and look like a very strong contender come the playoffs.  The Orlando Magic have clinched a playoff birth with a 49-29 regular season so far.  The Atlanta Hawks have clinched the fifth playoff spot with a 44-34 regular season.  The Philadelphia 76ers have clinched the sixth playoff spot while posting a 40-38 regular season.  The seventh playoff contender is the New York Knicks who have clinched a spot with a 39-38 regular season.  The eighth seed in the playoffs has yet to be clinched, however the Indiana Pacers look to make a season ending run.  Charlotte and  Milwaukee are still pushing to try and make a late season run to clinch a playoff birth, however Indiana looks like they will most likely take the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.

As for the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs have been on a two game winning streak as they have clinched the Southwest Division while posting a 59-19 regular season.  The second seed in the playoffs belongs to the two time defending champions with the Los Angeles Lakers.  The L.A. Lakers have clinched the Pacific Division with a 55-22 regular season.  The Dallas Mavericks have clinched the third seed in the playoffs with a 53-34 regular season.  Oklahoma City Thunder have clinched the fourth seed in the playoffs with a 51-26 regular season.  The Denver Nuggets have clinched the fifth spot in the playoffs with a 47-30 regular season.  The sixth seed in the playoffs has been clinched by the Portland Trailblazers with a 45-33 regular season.  The seventh and eighth seeds are still up for grabs for the 2011 playoffs.  New Orleans and Memphis have made promising season ending runs as they look to clench the two final seeds.  Houston has also made a late season push to try and make a playoff birth.  As the season comes to an end, the Western Conference looks very strong as they make a stance in the 2011 post season.

The NBA playoffs are always an exciting time of year, and the 2011 playoffs will be quite memorable.  Perhaps there will be a new champion, or perhaps the Lakers will go for a three-peat.

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