Museum Mondays: Site Unseen – Gregory Vershbow

July 1st, 2013 by Chris Furino

SiteUnseenSaturday July 6th

The Walters Art Museum – 600 N. Charles Street

Site Unseen promises to be a unique and exciting exhibit that will begin showing at The Walters Art Museum on July 6th. While museums frequently have beautiful and elaborate exhibits displayed for patrons to view in awe, many people neglect to realize that behind closed doors is a treasure of works coming and going. Gregory Vershbow’s upcoming exhibit, that will consist of several enlarged photographs, seeks to capture the beauty of various pieces as they’re presented shrouded in plastic, protected in foam, nestled in boxes, and uniquely juxtaposed among other works. The exhibit will feature not only images from the Walters, but also from museums both in the United States and internationally. This exhibit will surely force you to question your perception of various works in their original setting as well as speculate alternative meanings to the works when presented with other pieces.

The museum is open from 10 AM to 5 PM Wednesday to Sunday. General admission to the museum is free.

For more information, visit The Walters Art Museum’s website.

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