Museum Monday: Human, Soul & Machine: The Coming Singularity!

December 2nd, 2013 by WLOY Staff

hsm01What: Human, Soul & Machine 

When: From now until August 31st, 2014

Where: American Visionary Art Museum

“Two billion personal computers later, post DNA-sequencing, are we on the road to becoming a better, healthier, happier, less warlike, human race?” Computers have had such a large impact on our lives, but just how large? 40+ artists, cutting edge futurists, and inventors take on this view and attempt to show us through their eyes. This exhibit appeals to all ages, young and old. They take on the most complex subject, how artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, genetics, 3D printing and Big Data play a role in human life. This thought-provoking exhibit investigates technology’s influence on issues of privacy and surveillance, employment and manufacturing, longevity and health, defense and warfare, farming and food, access to global and personal information, creative invention, and entertainment. The American Visionary Art Museum’s 19th original thematic exhibition makes you think and question all aspects of human life.

For more information visit their website!

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