Mobtown Moon Review & Interview

October 7th, 2013 by WLOY Staff

ellen, Sandy, Kat & Rae good sizedThe lovely and ever talented Sandy Asirvatham and ellen cherry, producers of the Pink Floyd tribute album Mobtown Moon, were celebrated for their triumph on Saturday, September 28th. Mobtown Moon received a standing ovation in their premiere performance of the Pink Floyd tribute, and it was well deserved. ┬áThe night began with individual performances from artists who contributed to the album. We were graced with the musical interludes of June Star, The 5th L, and Naked Blue. In the second act, the musicians performed Dark Side of the Moon in it’s entirety. Featuring over 50 artists in the live show, including a full chorus, strings, brass, and spoken word artists, the live performance brought the house down at Goucher’s Kraushaar Auditorium. The beginning of the album includes sounds of our great city, submitted by its inhabitants and put together by the Hearing and Speech Agency (HASA). These sounds began the performance and were integrated with the live music itself. The album progressed and was filled with riffs and accents that made this tribute album unique. In the middle of the second act, The Great Gig In The Sky was performed with vocals by Sandy Asirvatham. She delivered a powerhouse performance with vocals that were both transcendental and visceral. It was an excellent tribute to Clare Torry’s original performance, however, Sandy made the song her own and received a rousing applause. ellen cherry also blew everyone away with her version of On the Run with a banjo. Throughout the entire performance, bright, twinkling stars were projected on the auditorium’s ceiling. The stars matched the graphic moon that was projected behind the performers. As the concert went on, drops of color gradually dripped from the full moon and slowly, became Mobtown Moon’s album cover. The entire evening was a beautiful homage to Pink Floyd and Dark Side of the Moon. It is a work of art that deserves to be appreciated by all.

Be sure to visit their website where you can order the album and other Mobtown Moon gear. Take a listen to be transported back to in time and go on a musical journey to here and now.

Kat and Rae’s full interview with the hilarious, talented duo who produced the whole thing!

Review and Interview by: Kathryn O’Brien ’16 and Rachel Stoczko ’16


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