Album Review: Miss Massive Snowflake – The Final Photograph

April 12th, 2016 by WLOY Staff

12654654_1071075306247350_1039348580832616692_nMiss Massive Snowflake – The Final Photograph

Released: April 7, 2016

Rate: 6/10

North Pole Record’s artist, “Miss Massive Snowflake”, released the album The Final Photograph not too long ago. The band, a trio, comprised of: Shane de Leon, Jeanne Kennedy Crosby and Andy Brown brings a mixture of psychedelic rock, some pop and jazz to make up the album.

The album as a The Gorillaz vibe, a “calmer” Walk The Moon aura around it. Despite this, some of the songs sound like “elevator music”. Though musically you can tell how talented they are, listening you here how the bass weaves in an out of the melody, the drums are prominent as well. Their vocalist, is a good singer as well, but performance wise it can lack “heart”. Their cover of “Beauty and the beat” by Justin Beiber, was pretty good, but again, it lacked something, something special that expressed them as a band, they made it their style of music but did not make it their own, and that is where the difference lies for it being good, versus great. With all of that being said, production and mixing of the album was pretty good. Hopefully they find some heart for their next album.

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