Miscellaneous Great News About WLOY

Rich “The DJ” Rodrigues went on Spring Break Outreach and brought back THIS great feature!

Coverage of WLOY fundraiser for Xavier University in Louisiana to aid in rebuilding after hurricane Katrina, which brought in over $10,000 in donations for the school: Xavier University News

WLOY Station Spotlight by College Broadcasters, Inc. for their website

Baltimore Songwriters Association and WLOY: Photo Gallery

Campus Press Coverage:

* The Greyhound covering our new Coffeehouse Songwriters Series – with Baltimore Songwriters Association

Middle Grades Partnership, our Summer Bootcamp partner, talks about the original bootcamp and upcoming WFSK radio station that we are helping to build at Francis Scott Key Middle School.

WLOY’s project during the Year of the City gets some great press in the Ignatian Imprints.

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