Magic Bronson: Your New Favorite Band

October 30th, 2014 by Lauren Puleo

Magic Bronson Album Cover
Magic Bronson: Wildlife

Release Date: 11/4/14

Rating: 8/10

For fans of Aer, Twenty One Pilots, and Gorillaz, Magic Bronson is pretty much a no-brainer. These guys are solidifying their place in the music industry with their debut full-length album [itunes link=”″ title=”Wildlife” text=”Wildlife”], which they recorded and produced themselves in what has been called their “seedy lab/hideout located somewhere in Los Angeles.”

The duo from Los Angeles is composed of six-foot-six Michael Nicastro (vocals, synth, percussion) and Matthew Lieberman (bass, synth). Drawing from influences such as Velvet Underground, Modest Mouse, and The Rapture, their sound is sure to be unique. It fills that gap between electronic, alternative, and hip-hop music.

Some tracks to look out for are Clouds, Fences, and Go Get It.

The first song off the album, “[itunes link=”″ title=”Clouds” text=”Clouds”]”, starts off at a moderate pace, and doesn’t do anything too crazy off the bat. Nicastro and Lieberman slowly introduce the listener to their sound, and build up the different elements of the song gradually until about a minute in. Basically, “[itunes link=”″ title=”Clouds” text=”Clouds”]” can give you a taste of what Magic Bronson has to offer. If you like what you hear, then you’ll love the rest of the album. It really is just the tip of the iceberg.

Be prepared to have the chorus of “[itunes link=”″ title=”Fences” text=”Fences”]”, the second track off the album, stuck in your head for about two weeks after you listen to it. Not only is it a catchy tune, but you’re gonna want to put it on repeat for a while. Nicastro’s rap-singing is reminiscent of warm summer afternoons, which these guys capture perfectly in their new music video (Highly recommended! Check it out.).

“[itunes link=”″ title=”Go Get It” text=”Go Get It”]” is a must for any pump-up playlist. It’s fun, but it also has heavy bass and percussive elements. These guys know exactly when they can drop to a quiet section, and they build back up with equal intensity.

For a debut full-length album, [itunes link=”″ title=”Wildlife” text=”Wildlife”] sets the bar insanely high. If Magic Bronsons isn’t already on your radar, they need to be. In a music scene dominated by electronic-pop, these guys offer a refreshing new sound that isn’t too far out of left field.

P.S. – I think it’s impossible not to blast this music. You might want to warn your neighbors.

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